Technical or data analysis is a trading tool used to screen the stocks and identify the right time to enter and exit the positions with the help of price movement, volume and from other trading activities. Stockgeni helps you in learning the stock market from scratch to do advance data analysis with its genitsetup tool with high accuracy and makes you feel never before experience of live market analysis.

"Without Data you are just another person with an opinion" - W. Edwards Deming

Tools to catch the Market Movements ahead its gone!
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Disclaimer- All Automated files are only for educational purpose. Trading and investment are subject to market risk. Stockgeni is not responsible nor liable any losses that may incurred  as a result of using any of our trading strategies. Kindly seek advice from your financial advisor before investing or trading. We advise trading with only risk capital in case of lose it should not adversely impact your ability to meet your financial obligation. We respect and value your hard earned money. Hence you are strongly advised to always trade safely and follow all the guideline and trading rules with sincerity.


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