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Trading Set UP that can makes your analysis & trading even better.

This video is about our product live demo how to do live analysis with Excel. All Automated analysis in excel that pulls from NSE. It can help you to find the market trend. Setup that makes your analysis even better. Get your copy of Excel file used in this video Click Here.

Trade Sensibly with SENSIBULL | Build your own custom option strategies.

In this video we have explained the benefit of using sensibull platform for option trading, secure all of your positional trade irrespective of any side directional moves or sudden fall or spike. Hence trade sensibly with Sensibull. You can build options strategies on your own. Create options strategies like call spreads, put spreads, straddles, strangles, condors and many more custom strategies of your choice. All of this is possible using Strategy builder by Sensibull Strategy builder supports Nifty, Bank Nifty, single stock, and rupee-dollar options. The strategy builder can show pay off diagrams, max profit, max loss, the margin required, Time value decay, and Option Greeks such as delta, vega, theta, and gamma. SensiBull :

Upstox Pro 3.0 New Features Update| Trading view Chart | Option Strategy

This video will explain you about all new feature launched to enhance trading experience like Customize multiple charting options, view charts in a new tab and access the Stochastics RSI technical indicator, Place orders for option contracts using option strategies and enjoy the option to send 4 orders at once using the strategy mode, Modifications of bracket orders (OCO) and Viewing recent payments history etc.

Profitable trading strategy for Bank Nifty | Trading Strategy #1

Hello Friends this video is the first video of our trading strategy series and in this video we have explained a powerful intraday strategy for Bank nifty future trading. This will help you to enhance your trading decision and if you will follow above strategy you can make consistent income n daily basis. Be alert be focused and follow the instruction generated by the strategy. Keep learning keep earning.

How to control your emotions while trading?

Trading in stock market is not a gambling it requires proper strategy, patience and hard work and the most important thing one need to control that is our emotions while trading. In this video we have explained some problems we face due to our emotions and how to control them to become a successful trader.

Why should one Invest ? | The Need to Invest | अगर Investment नहीं किया तो क्या होगा ?

In this video we have explained why one should invest why Investing money is necessary to survive the increasing cost of living and Where would one invest, and what are the returns one could expect by investing. When it comes to investing one has to choose an asset class that suits the individual’s risk and return temperament hence We have tried to explain all types of assets class. The popular assets class… 1.Fixed income instruments 2.Equity 3.Real estate 4.Commodities You will also learn What are the things to know before investing? Read More..

Market and Taxation | How to File ITR for your trading and investment returns | Part-1

This video is the firs part of Market and taxation series. In this video we have tried to explain how you can file your income tax return (ITR) for your trading and investment gains in easy and simple way. Investment and trading returns are basically categorized into four types. Long term capital Gain (LTCG) Short term Gain (STCG) Speculative Business income Non-Speculative business income Before filing Income tax return Read More..

SEBI New Intraday trading Margin Rules | F&O New Margin Rules | SEBI Margin Circular

Sebi has recently sent a revised circular regarding the intraday Margin requirements to the exchanges. This move by SEBI to disallow stockbrokers from providing additional leverage for intraday trades. As per the exchange clarification on the margin collection, traders have to pay the entire upfront margin VaR margins + Extreme Loss Margin (ELM) for Equity and SPAN+Exposure in case of FNO. So now all traders have to increase their trading capital in order to trade with new margin policies. No broker will be able to offer any additional intraday leverage on F&O.

Inverted hammer and Shooting star Candlestick Pattern | Candlestick Analysis

Inverted Hammer and Shooting star Pattern both may give very accurate Trend Reversal signs in a Bullish or a Bearish trend. You just need to identify the type of candlestick and where it comes,and follow the instruction explained in the video to use it properly.Inverted hammer and shooting start can change your way of trading. Inverted hammer Read more..

How to use Hammer candlestick Effectively?

In this video You will understand the basics of hammer candlestick and it’s interpretation . Hammer is very powerful candlestick when it comes gives a bullish reversal and to know how to use while trading please watch this video till end.

Profitable strategy for nifty Future

In this video you will learn about 100% Successful Profitable Strategy for Nifty Future & Option trading its very powerful strategy, you should must watch this video to avoid losses.

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