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Advanced option chain analysis and trade management

Finance Chart



Course Highlights

  • 8 Hours of sessions

  • 2 Hrs Each day

  • All session via zoom


  • Understanding the advance OI data

  • Advance Chart reading skills

  • Entry Exit strategy techniques

  • Levels finding for trading

  • Student will learn trading management

  • Maximizing the profit and Minimizing the loss skills


  • Course contains advanced data analysis.

  • Advance technical chart reading.

  • Entry Exit Point of trade

  • Trade management skills

  • Risk and reward management

  • Few secret strategies to manage trades

  • Option buying at right time strategy

Key Points

This course is perfectly designed for those who want to learn advanced OI data analysis and wants to trade based on that. This course will provides skill to make trades profitable with right approach and trade management skills. Students will also learn how to stay in the trade with OI data movement or exit if in the wrong trade. Each session contains rich data analysis concept which will change the participants trading journey to advance level.This is a complete course for data analysis and technical chart reading together to find right trade at right time with proper exit skills. Student will feel more confident after taking this course while trading as it covers all important factors to become a successful Option index traders.

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