1. Bhav Copy Automated Analysis







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2. NIFTY Intraday Trading Set Up based on OI Change Automated Analysis with Buy/Sell Signal (Must have a demat account with Tradesmart* )








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4. BankNIFTY Intraday Trading Set Up based on OI Change Automated Analysis with Buy/Sell Signal(Must have a demat account with Tradesmart*)



Option Chain







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*Nifty and BankNifty intraday set up file can be linked to tradesmart's or the broker who gives Dartstock terminal for live data.


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Buy Future and Option Daily wise Open Interest and Change open interest Data Fully Automated.

FUTURE OI Data Daily Wise fully automated


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Option OI Data Daily Wise fully automated

OptionOI data.jpeg

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Note: You may get authentication error in Intraday set up some time while using it if you will fetch the data from NSE we do not encourage that however that can be avoid after changing cookies frequently. We recommend you to our Premium set up connected with Globaldatafeeds for best trading experience. Click Here to know more about Premium Set Up

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