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Hence, We are so glad to announce that we are into collaboration with FinnovationZ to provide best stock market courses.

FinnovationZ is a Fintech firm which provides online courses related to the Stock market. In their courses, they have elaborated stock market from the basic to an advanced level. Apart from the online courses, they also have their LIVE CLASS 5th BATCH starting soon, where all your queries and doubts will be answered during the live session with their founder. Also, if you want to get an eye about their previous live classes, so for that they have come out with a new course called the Complete Stock Market crash course (Recorded)-

In this Recorded course will work in a two-way process, which means that you can learn through watching the video and also through the NOTES. This course is the one-stop destination for all your queries and doubts regarding the stock market


Check out their other courses as well-


1. The complete Step-by-Step Technical Analysis Trading Course-

This course will help you to learn each and every detail about the technical analysis trading, from basic to advance level of the stock market. It also covers topics of the history of technical analysis, Japanese Candlestick charts, its patterns and everything.

2.  Stock Market Course: Complete Course for Beginners in Hindi-

This course will help beginners who are planning or are interested in investing in the stock market. It also covers basic information on terminologies, IPO etc. You can also learn about how to use the reverse CAGR calculators, also to analyse the financial statements.

3. Stock Market Course for Intermediates in Hindi-

In this course, strategies from the masters of investment have been covered, of how they started with the investments, what mistakes they might have made, what qualities they bear while investing. Strategies of people like Joel Greenblatt, Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch etc have been covered


4. Fundamental Analysis Course-

This course will help you to understand the business and investment point of view before you start with the investment in any company. This course will guide through the importance of management analysis, the performing of management analysis, understanding of fraud management and also you’ll learn about the company profile analysis.

5. Value Investing course in Hindi-

This course covers the topic regarding the popular methods of investing, differences between the value and growth investing methods, ways to find undervalued companies, also about the investment techniques opted by Mr Benjamin Graham.




6. The ultimate guide for building Young Startups-

This course will help you to get an introduction to entrepreneurship, of how you can be a successful entrepreneur. This will also guide you towards the introduction and understanding of startups, how one can create a right business model, how to find funding avenues for startups etc.


7. The ultimate guide to Mutual Funds: Beginner to Advanced Level-

This course has covered every aspect of the mutual fund in a simplified way. This will cover all the types of mutual fund, government bonds. You will get to know about the SEBI, Taxations and tax slabs, and also about how to choose the right mutual fund scheme for yourself.

8. Career Opportunities in Finance and Stock Market-

Is choosing a career a tough step for you? Are you confused about the options of a career in the field of finance? Well, this course is just for you. Here, you will see what options are there for you in the field of finance.

9. The Beginner’s Guide to the Futures and Options-

In this course, all your queries regarding how to trade in futures and options are mentioned. You will also get to know about the derivative market and how does it work, also how can you reduce the risk etc.

10. Complete Stock Market Training Course

In this course, you will get the complete stock market training, from beginners in the stock market to strategies of famous investors, from learning about the fundamental analysis to value investing and to the technical analysis in the stock market.



This was just a synopsis of a few courses which they have, for more courses you can visit here 

Check out the Demo video of live course 

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