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Stock Market
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Basics of Stock Market

This course is perfectly designed for beginners in the financial market to create a powerful knowledge on various tools to understand the functionality of stock market who would like to get introduced to stock market and wants to understand trading concept.Individual want to learn the basic financial market.

Basic Option Chain analysis

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This course is designed for those who wants to understand the option chain reading from scratch it will provide insight of option data behavior its interpretation based on its movement and find out the index or stock strengthens or weakness.

Stock Trade
Finance Chart
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Advanced option chain analysis and trade management

This course is designed for Option traders who wants to enhance their skill to advance level and want to learn trade management. This course will give skills to find the right trade at right time entry and exit with trade management with the help of option chain reading. Student will also learn live market option data reading effectively. It is complete course for OI analysis from intermediate level to advanced level with trading skills.

Become an expert Option trader with Live trading sessions

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This course is perfectly designed for those who want to experience real time data learning in live market as this course is scheduled in live market with live data and chart analysis. This course also gives opportunity to trade live during the session and as all session take place in live market only. It helps all participants to become an expert option trader with high profitability trades with live market analysis experience.

Financial Chart
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