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This expert Option trading course is designed to learn all advance tools and techniques in the live market scenario which boost all participants confidence. This covers every possible way of trading and its management in live market with advanced data analysis techniques.


Become an expert Option trader with Live trading sessions


Course Highlights

  • 10 Hours Session

  • 2 Hours Each day

  • Sat-Sun session- Detailed explanation of trading techniques

  • Mon-Friday all sessions are in live market

  • All session Via Zoom


  • To provide Live market analysis experience.

  • Live trading skill enhancement

  • Understanding of Live market scenario with example

  • Live trading management skills improvement

  • Handling emotion while in trade

  • Fire fighting skills 

  • Live understanding of charting and Data analysis tool

  • Understanding of major events impact on the market and trading accordingly etc...


  • Course contains Live understanding of data tools

  • 5 Days Live market training

  • Live market learning according to schedule

  • Live Charting analysis

  • Live trading management

  • Live scenarios example

  • Live data analysis and trading

  • Live market trading experience

  • Live emotion handling with powerful analysis

  • Catching Jackpot trades 

  • Boosting Confidence to stay with Profitable trade.

  • Proper Entry Exit levels.

Key Points

This course will give boost up to all participants as they will feel never before experience as everything,every scenario and every aspect will be covered with live market examples. Support will be provided throughout the market to enhance decision power of a trader. Live market analysis and trading session do not require any proof or back testing results to prove any strategy. All strategy shared will be shown live working with high hit ratio.Students will feel confident enough to take trades by their own after completing all the session and grasping what taught in there. This is a life changing session for all traders who are struggling to find or manage their trade or unable to covert their trade into profitable trades.

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