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How to trade in IPO From Upstox

How to apply IPO

Upstox is discount broker and do not provide direct investment in IPO even almost all discount broker do not provide this facility however you still can apply for an IPO from any discount broker here we have chosen one of the fast growing discount broker in India to explain how you can apply for an IPO..

If you are an Upstox user and you already have an Upstox Demat Account. You can start trading and investing in an IPO instantly with the help of your existing online bank account.

And to Start investing an IPO is simple. Select the IPO you would like to invest in and then you can use your existing online banking account . All major banks offer IPO options.

You have to give your Upstox Demat account details in order to invest in IPOs. The details of your investments in an IPO, will automatically come to your Upstox Demat account once the allotment is completed. You have to give your Depository Participant ID provided by Upstox.

Investing in an IPO

Here’s an example of the 16-digit DP-ID provided to you by Upstox. The first eight digits are unique to the broker and the last eight digits are uniquely given to you.

DP ID Client ID

12081800 00123456

With the Upstox Pro mobile and web trading platform, you can see your IPO information under the Holdings section once the shares are allotted to you.

Investing in IPO with an Upstox Demat account is easy. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Login to your net banking account with whichever bank you hold an account.

  • Blocked Amount enables your bank to set aside some amount of money from your account to invest in IPOs.

  • You can place your bids once you decide which IPOs you wish to invest in.

  • Select the IPOs you want to invest in. Then, fill out your personal details including the 16-digit depository ID provided by Upstox in your netbanking system.

  • Once your shares are allotted you can view them in the Holdings section of Upstox Pro mobile and web trading platforms.

Watch the below video for step by step guide how to apply for IPO.

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