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Trade setup for Friday 07, February 2020

All you need to know as a trader or Investor

Yesterday RBI announced the monetary policy which was unchanged and kept a positive impact to the market and Nifty closed in green continuously in fourth trading sessions.

Sensex closed 163 points, higher at 41,306.03 while Nifty closed at 12137.95 with the gain of 49 points.

We have noticed some consolidation in the global market and same we are expecting in the domestic market today.

SGX nifty also closed lower by 2 points on 05 February which shows muted opening for nifty.

Option Analysis:

Maximum open interest on call side at 12,500 of 24 lakh contracts.

Significant call writing was seen at the 12,100 strike price.

Call unwinding was seen at 11,900 strike price.

Maximum open interest on put side at 12000 strike price, of 31 lakh.

Put writing was seen at the 12,100 strike price , 5.5 lakh new contracts gets added.

Put unwinding was seen at the 11,900 strike price.

What to Look For:

Nifty has formed a spinning top candle on Daily/hourly chart after a big rally which means there is possibility that consolidation can start from this level and the most important thing is to be noticed that RSI is also somewhere at its over sold zone on hourly chart and we have noticed in back testing that whenever RSI is in oversold zone index or stock gives some correction.

So it is likely confirmed that we will see some correction from this level but broader view of nifty is still seems to be positive because on daily chart, RSI is near 52 which indicate us that nifty will remain in positive.

If we need to reach the conclusion based on the above chart analysis today's session is going to be highly volatile. So it is advisable to keep protecting the profits on higher level if doing day trading in options or stocks.

If Nifty breaches 12,110 today we may see nifty to continue its bearish trend and if nifty manage to close above 12,150, in first hour we may see that nifty to rally again today and close in green.

Nifty 's possible trade range can be between 12,050 to 12,200 for today.

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