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What should be done tomorrow? Nifty Set up for 21 October.

What option chain suggest for tomorrow?

ATM is 11900

Call side data analysis:

Maximum Open interest build up on Atm 11900 and 12000 strike price. And if we check the interpretation it says long buildup.

12150.12200,12250 and 12400 got short covering which means there is fear among writers that market can go up from the current level. Means market sentiments is bullish towards the market.

Even our set up shows Bullish view.


Put Side Data Analysis:

11800 and 11700 got the maximum OI and heavy changes in OI at 11900 strike that is our ATM too. If you will look at the interpretation it is shortbuild up which means here again big players of the market thinks market should go up.

Short build up at almost all strike price on upside else long liquidation which suggest traders are aggressively bullish on the market.

Now if talk about other market participant over all, here is the image that describe every thing nothing to add in there.

We can only see some fall if there is any sudden news comes in with negative aura.

What trades should do ?

Trader approach should be based on daily analysis and the setup we use for trading, which gives us buy sell signal, in case you want that set up click here

and as per all data buy on dips strategy looks attractive.

Disclaimer: All information shared above are only for educational purpose. Trading and investment are subject to market risk. Stockgeni is not responsible nor liable any losses that may incurred  as a result of using any of our trading strategies. Kindly seek advice from your financial advisor before investing or trading. We advise trading with only risk capital in case of lose it should not adversely impact your ability to meet your financial obligation. We respect and value your hard earned money. Hence you are strongly advised to always trade safely and follow all the guideline and trading rules with sincerity.


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