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Learn from your comfort and become financially independent. Learning is the best tool and only this makes you consistent.

Our Upcoming Training Batches


Starts on July 1, 2022

Fees - INR 14,999/-

10% discount for first 20! Students


Starts on Nov 1, 2022

Fees - INR 14,999/-

Once you enroll for upcoming training session you will automatically get access to SLTP membership for one month for free*.

SLTP is for those who wants to learn trade management and data reading in live market and how to interpret the data behavior.

How to Join ?

Step 1 : Visit this page thoroughly and get to know all the perquisite to join the training program and what all thing you will get after or during the course.

Step 2 : Go through with the previous videos on you tube to understand the what concept we use for trading and why these are important.

Step 3 : For any query regarding the course reach out to us at 8375899800 vial call or whats app and clarify the doubt before you join the program.

Step 4 : Complete the payment and join the course once you complete it successfully you will be the part of SLTP for one month for practice in live market.

Learning Topics to be covered as per schedule

Advance Option Chain Understanding       •Strike Price wise interpretation

Contract wise analysis       •Important Strike price for analysis Intraday prospective

EOD OI analysis and its importance   •FII data and global market data analysis

GeniSetup understanding in detail   •Ten Strike Price COI analysis Intraday

Three Strike Price COI analysis Intraday Trading Strike Total OI analysis

PCR ,Support and Resistance based on COI   •How to select strike Price for trading

When to Enter   •When to Exit

Trading Plan and execution   •SL Rule

7 Golden Trading Rule  •How to control emotion while trading

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One Month Genisetup access will be free for all participants

Fee : 14,999/-*

Important T&C :  Fee once Paid , wont be refunded at any circumstances

What is SLTP?

SLTP provides you best in class learning experience and that too in live market you will get never before experience.

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Want to experience Live market learning...Join SLTP today.

After processing the payment if you have any query please contact us via Whats App or via email.


Recent SLTP Lives Session Recordings

26 May Live Session | SLTP

26 May Live Session | SLTP

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Note : For any query related to this learning program contact us at

Disclaimer: SLTP is not a tips and recommendation program it is just a live market analysis program which helps you to understand the live market scenario with real time data movement and based on that how to manage your trade and enhance your skills at the same time any trade shared during the session only for educational purpose should not be taken as recommendation if taken and occurred any loss Stockgeni won't be responsible.

SLTP Access

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