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Why should you learn before you start trading?

Trading in Stock Market is very lucrative as most of new bees in the market think it is easy to make money by trading but actual reality is very different mostly people make losses instead of profit. Do we know why this happens? Why cannot all make money or why only few people get success in the market, making money or earning their bread and butter from stock market trading.

Let me ask you few questions:

Why do you want to enter in the stock market?

What makes you to do trading?

Why do you want to be a trader? etc...

First answer all these question and if your answer is quick money then you must understand that you are making mistake because there is nothing in this world that can make quick money for you. This mindset is very dangerous.

If you are influenced seeing any body success in the market so you should also do some research that he must have learned lot before he actually started earning money. Yes you read it right. Learning is very important when it comes to anything you want to start new its not like it is mandatory only for stock market trading. It is applicable for all types of business you are planing to start.

Generally we hear "Money makes Money" but if you ask me I will say money is not only the thing you need to make money but you also need some kind of expertise or at least basic knowledge to start with and knowledge comes with learning so again learning is most important.

So what you need with money, of course learning, with proper learning and money you can easily compound your money in any business you want to do, and in stock market trading it is something you must have before you start, else you will end up losing all your money quickly. 'Harsh but Truth.'

As I mentioned above stock market is very lucrative so it attracts people to enter for quick money and they come also with their hard earned money and start speculating the market and the moment they realized that trading is not betting it gets too late for some and some of them start their learning from that point not bad heah.....At least they understood why learning is important.

So if you are reading this article you must have understood by now that learning and understanding is the only key to success in the stock market trading.

Either you are new or experienced in this business learning should not stop at any time as this is on going process daily you learn new thing in the market that makes you stronger day by day and focused.

Now one more thing you must be curious about why I am keep calling trading is a business all the time. Let me tell you why I call trading is a business like other business. Let me know what all the things required to start a business obviously you will say money and knowledge about business that's right! and it is fairly known that every business has its own cost depending on the business type and there may be recurring cost associated with and we can only consider profitable after adjusting all expense and recurring cost.

So now lets understand about stock market trading why it has similar behavior like other business, to start trading you must have some kind of platform to use that may have one time or recurring cost and once all set up and you start trading in the market only two thing can happen either profit or loss so how do you see your losses here if you get them even after depth research. You can tell me in the comment. Let me tell you how do I see my losses, I always see my losses as cost of doing this business. Yes in stock market trading our losses are actually the cost of doing this business you also start looking that way you wont feel bad when you get any time loss on your trade and it will help you to move on to the next trade with more focus.

So hope you understand that even after doing valid research and depth analysis there is a probability to get losses that is why learning analysis become most important part before you even start trading so that you can minimize the losses and maximize the profits.

Now important questions what to learn? How to Learn? and From where to start ?

Lets take all these question one by one first is what to learn? This is a big question to ask from your self and has simple answer for this you need to figure out what trading style suits to you, Once you get to know what type of trading is best for you and what segment for trading you should go for only then you can start searching for answer of second question how to learn? This is bit complicated to decide because there are many ways to learn online or off line with the help of somebody or learn by own. To decide you need to reassess your self to understand your capacity. Once you do that you will understand how to go about whether you need a mentor or not.

When finalize both the answers and reached to the conclusion you now have to work from where to start. I mean either you want to learn from basics or you want to go for some advance level learning or both.

Once you done from all these questions now you have to search right content or good mentor, this is again challenging to find a good mentor. Let me help you to find a good way to start learning. There are many types of learning some are expert in technical analysis some are expert in data analysis. Both type of analysis works good if you start understanding their concepts deeply.

So majority of people go for technical analysis as it looks more attractive seeing chart and color etc. but if you love number like I do, you must go for number analysis because data analysis is mother of all analysis.

All charts created on any platform based of numbers calculation in the background and tell me isn't it amazing if you learn the numbers in depth that can also give more clarity when you will see any chart.

So the bottom line is data analysis is very important and if you chose to learn data/number analysis it can give an edge to your learning and as well as you will also see the difference on your trades success ratio.

Why I am telling you all this with too much confidence because I am doing it from many years and numbers are the only thing which tells you the truth if you know how to read them correctly.

As I believe stock market is all about numbers game so it is always better to learn number analysis.

Chart analysis will be so easy after you will be good in numbers and all technical analysis you will do with the chart you would have more confidence on that.

There are may data points which wee need to learn so for traders we have created one live trading setup where you get all necessary numbers to decide what to trade? when to trade? How to trade? .

This set can help you to understand the data analysis and will also help you to make your decision quickly.

You can also learn all this data analysis in details via our once in quarterly coursed designed by us for Option intraday traders. You can contact us at or visit here for the details about the course we offer.

This is something we offer but on you can also find many more courses for intraday traders but I always recommend join those courses to learn which tells more about data analysis rather than explaining chart so before you decide to join get the clarification about the course what all the things are going to be covered.

Hope after reading this article you must have understand why learning is very important and what type of learning required and why data/number analysis is very important to gain confidence on your trades and to increase success probability.

In case you still have any doubts or question feel free to get in touch with me via doping an email at

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